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About Us

Since 1989, the seasoned employees at Luxury Line Auto Rental have been providing the finest vehicles to the most particular and discerning clients. In those 15 years, we’ve built up a stellar reputation with the over 40,000 clients served. While many of those customers are unique, having traveled to Los Angeles once and leaving with lifelong memories of luxury, others are repeat customers who wouldn’t think of renting from anyone else.

We make sure that our selection of vehicles matches the diversity of our clientele. Not only do we have the gold standard brands like Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, BMW, and Audi, we make sure that we have the latest and greatest exotics and performance vehicles from like Porsches, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris. Whatever your style, Luxury Line Auto Rental has just the car for you, at the fairest prices around town. Nowhere else can you get such a good deal on a great car.

Our business is driven first and foremost by our love of cars. We provide you with the greatest cars because these are the vehicles that we want to drive. We also pride ourselves on keeping our vehicles in the tip-top mechanical and perfect cosmetic shape. You can be assured that when you get into one of our luxury vehicles, you’ll get the fresh off the factory floor experience ever time.

While our business originated in Los Angeles, we have spent years expanding so that we can serve customers wherever their rental car needs may be. We can serve customers at the following airports in the Los Angeles area and beyond:about-us image

We’re excited about the great cars that we have in our lots, and we’re eager to pass this excitement onto you. We guarantee your satisfaction 100% in regards to both the vehicle and the service that we provide. Luxury means never having to compromise, and a rental from Luxury Line Auto Rentals is anything but. If you want to see what true luxury is all about, call us today to book a car for your next trip.


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