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2019 NEW Range Rover Sport Range Rover, Luxury SUV
Starting From $ 159.00
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When people envision themselves driving a luxury vehicle, they usually picture themselves cruising over smooth asphalt. And, while taking any rental vehicle off road is ill-advised, it’s comforting to know that the designers at Land Rover thought of everything when designing the 2015 Range Rover Sport, so you never have to fret any bumpy roads ahead. With a Range Rover Sport rental from Luxury Line Auto Rental, you can experience true luxury while simultaneously harnessing the power and strength of a mid-sized SUV.

Since the first generation Range Rover Sport was unveiled over a decade ago, the vehicle has gone through a variety of cosmetic and performance improvements, including a major overhaul that led to the current, second generation model in 2013. And, now that the designers have had two years to improve on that already phenomenal overhaul, the 2015 model has become a truly exceptional driving machine.

As one would expect out of a mid-sized SUV, yourRange Rover Sport rentalcomes equipped with four wheel drive so that you and your passengers can be safe on any slippery or poorly-maintained roads. It also sits 5 people extremely spaciously, so everyone will be comfortable throughout the course of the smooth ride. As far as the engine, the car is equipped with a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 engine that delivers 340 horsepower, giving you ample power when you need it most.

At Luxury Line Auto Rental, we take great care of all of our vehicles to insure that you get every bit of the advertised horsepower. A high-performance vehicle is only worth driving if the reality matches the advertised abilities, so we work hard to keep all of our vehicles at fresh off the lot levels of beauty and power. You can be sure that when you get the keys to yourRange Rover Sport rental, you are in for a rental experience like no other.

We have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, but if you are looking for a mid-sized SUV that gives the driver true power and performance on the road, there is no better choice than a Range Rover Sport rental. For more information on our alluring offers on a wide range of luxury vehicle rentals, you can call us today at 310-274-1000. Our dedicated employees are auto enthusiasts just like yourself, and we are standing by to help you get into the car rental of your dreams.

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