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Porsche Panamera Porsche, Luxury Elite
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When most people think of high-performance vehicles reserved only for the elite, Porsche is one of the first manufacturers that comes to mind. Now, anyone can experience what it is like to get behind the wheel of one of the legendary automaker’s finest products to date with a Porsche Panamera rental from Luxury Line Auto Rental.

While many of the vehicles throughout Porsche’s history have been sleek, two-door sports cars, the automaker has always had their eyes set on a four door model. The first hint of this came in the 1980s when they unveiled a concept car labeled the Porsche 989 that was slated to accomplish this four-door coupe vision. Yet, the car was never created, and many consider the Panamera to be the natural evolution of that project, coming to fruition several decades later.

First unveiled in 2009 at Auto Shanghai, this four-door Luxury Sedan designed by legendary German car designer Michael Mauer was immediately heralded as a stunning break from the norm. The design of car is truly unique, even compared to other Porsches, making a Porsche Panamera rentaltruly stand out on the road. That is, if people have time to stare as you are blowing past them.

The Panamera can accelerate from zero to sixty in four seconds flat, and boasts a 430 horsepower engine. The car also sits four, so the whole family can enjoy the luxury that the car asserts. A Porsche Panamera rental is a great way to enjoy all that Los Angeles has to offer, while sharing in the luxury and style that the city is known for. We also offer weekly discounts on the Panamera and the rest of our luxury vehicles so you do not have to feel restricted with the amount of time that you have with the car.

And, when you get your Porsche Panamera rental from Luxury Line Auto Rental, you can be sure that you’ll have the right off the lot feeling every time you step into the car. We’re incredible meticulous about taking care of both the look and the performance of our vehicles, so none of the hard work that the designers and engineers put into the vehicle will ever be lost on you. Put simply, this is an exceptional car, and we constantly strive to provide equally exceptional service in bringing it to you. Luxury Line Auto Rental is the go-to rental destination for so many luxury car enthusiasts because we know exactly what our customers want, and how to bring it to them. For more information on our enticing rates and our world-class fleet of vehicles, call us at 310-274-1000.

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