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Mercedes Benz S550 Mercedes Benz, Exotic Cars, Luxury Elite
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Few names elicit thoughts of luxury and pure automotive performance quite like Mercedes Benz. This adherence to excellence is ever present in the newest version of the Mercedes Benz S Class. The S550 is the North American version of the S Class, bringing with it all of the unadulterated power of its German cousin with a distinctly American flair. At Luxury Line Auto Rental, we keep all of our vehicles in tip-top mechanical and cosmetic shape, so you can feel every ounce of the automaker’s work once you grip the wheel of your Mercedes Benz S550 rental.

Mercedes Benz has been making groundbreaking vehicles long before people even knew what an automobile was. Karl Benz was credited with creating the world’s first gas powered car in 1886, and the rest is history. In the decades since, Mercedes Benz has been pushing the envelope while working against and alongside other German competitors like BMW and Audi to put out the very best luxury automobiles year after year. This healthy competition has spurred some of the best innovations, many of which can be seen in a Mercedes Benz S550 rental.

The S550 is not only at the height of luxury, but it also boasts incredibly impressive performance numbers. With a 4.7-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine that gives off 449 horsepower, this car can out muscle and outshine anything on the road. For a full-size vehicle, its zero to sixty time of just 4.5 seconds is truly extraordinary, and will have you smiling every time you see a freeway entrance ramp.

The only thing that you will regret about your Mercedes Benz S550 rental is that you didn’t reserve the car for longer. Luckily, we offer all of our customers enticing weekly discounts so that they can have the vehicle for all of the time it takes to truly enjoy everything that it has to offer. You’ll want to cruise and show off your vehicle while exploring all of the best sights and drives in Los Angeles, and that simply can’t be done in just a few days.

It’s impossible to go wrong with a Mercedes Benz S550 rental because it has everything that anyone could ever want out of a car. Luxury. Beauty. Power. Prestige. The Mercedes Benz S Class has it all, and the latest 2015 model exemplifies these traits like never before. There is no better place to go to rent this extraordinary vehicle than Luxury Line Auto Rental. Call us today at 310-274-1000 to find out more about our enticing rates on the very best luxury vehicles.

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