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2019 Rolls Royce Dawn
Starting From $ 1,495.00
2019 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG
Starting From $ 549.00
Mercedes Benz S550
Starting From $ 295.00
Maserati Ghibli Sedan
Starting From $ 169.00
Side Airbag

Luxury Elite Rentals

When it comes to driving in Los Angeles, it can be tough to stand out and turn heads. There is, however, a class of vehicle that’s guaranteed to grab attention no matter where it’s seen, and that’s the one dubbed “Luxury Elite.” Luxury Elite vehicles include stunning, hyper-exclusive vehicles like the Rolls Royce Ghost and Bentley Continental GT, and they are guaranteed to bring you attention. If you are in the market for this kind of ultra-high-end luxury elite car rental in Los Angeles or its surrounding areas, then you’ll want to contact the team at Luxury Line Auto Rental.

Luxury Line Auto Rental has an incredible array of luxury elite vehicles, like the Rolls Royce Ghost and Rolls Royce Phantom, and they are kept in absolutely pristine shape. Luxury Line Auto Rental also has vehicles like the Mercedes Benz S550 Convertible, which can help to combine elite luxury with a sports car vibe, and, of course, the ability to drop the top and bask in the Southern California sun. And with a luxury car rental in Los Angeles from Luxury Line Auto Rental, you can be certain that you’re entire rental experience will be painless, from pick-up to drop-off.


The bottom line: If you’re looking for an LAX luxury car rental or any other type of high-end luxury car rental in the Greater Los Angeles area, then you’ll want to contact Luxury Line Auto Rental via the phone or web today. Luxury Line Auto Rental has extraordinary high-performance, ultra-exclusive elite luxury vehicles, and they are nearly guaranteed to get you plenty of attention around town. 

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